Gibberbot Wins Inaugural Develop for Privacy Challenge



The Develop for Privacy Challenge, organized by the ACLUs of Northern California and Washington, the Tor Project, and the Information & Privacy Commissioner’s Office of Ontario, was launched to highlight some of the best privacy-enhancing mobile apps out there — apps that improve, rather than erode, our ability to protect and control our own private information. After our judges evaluated many qualified applicants, we were delighted to recognize secure chat and instant messaging app Gibberbot as our inaugural challenge winner, and to provide one team member with a trip to Las Vegas to accept the award and discuss the app at the awards ceremony held during DefCon 19.

We’d also like to thank our judges: Jacob Appelbaum of the Tor Project, Chris Hoofnagle of the University of California-Berkeley School of Law, Tadayoshi Kohno of the University of Washington, Jules Polonetsky of the Future of Privacy Forum, and Kai Rannenberg of Goethe-Universität, for their support and involvement in selecting the best apps. 8/12/2011