Cashing Out: Week Of July 31st – August 6th 2011 In Online Marketing News



According to a new report from Evidon, 500,000 internet users have chosen to opt-out of online tracking. But is it really that easy for consumers to avoid it?

Apparently not, when you consider the discovery that Hulu has been re-spawning cookies and using ETags.

The information came to light in a follow-up report by independent privacy advocate Ashkan Soltani and privacy lawyer Chris Jay Hoofnagle. The study found that Hulu had used KISSmetrics codes to re-spawn cookies that included a tracking ID that remained in place when the user visited other sites also using KISSmetrics.

Furthermore, the report shows that the script “includes other code that indicates its author is aware of tracking and the risk of data collection about the user. For instance, it includes a function to detect the collection of information that credit card companies require websites to control more carefully.” 8/7/2011