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2013 EIW Callbacks and Thank You Notes

Now that the EIW interviews are underway, we just wanted to brief you on the next steps.

We know it's a little on the early side to be receiving callback invitations, but you should take a few minutes to read our Callbacks Guide so you are ready.  It includes advice on how to respond if you are not ready to accept or decline the callback invitation and how to decline a callback offer.  You need to return every call or email you receive from an employer promptly (within a day) regardless of whether you are ready to take a position on the callback invitation.   

You should also set aside some time to listen to our "How To Turn A Callback Into An Offer" webcasts.  They contain some powerful advice from attorneys and recruiting managers at EIW-type law firms.  You can find the link on our Effective Interviewing page.  This may seem obvious to you for this season, but if you receive a callback offer, you should schedule it promptly -- and for as soon -- as you possibly can. 

Thank you notes to interviewers for your initial on campus interview are not necessary and not generally done, but you should definitely send them to your callback interviewers.  The accepted medium for a thank you note to large law firms is email.  You can find more information about Thank You notes here. 8/7/2013