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EIW Schedules Available -- How To Cancel -- Open Sign Ups

Here are some things to keep in mind now that bidding is complete:

1.  You can view your interview schedules by clicking on the "Scheduled Interviews" tab of the OCI Section of b-Line.   Many of you were successful in obtaining a good number of your top 10 bids and some were lucky enough to obtain 15 or more interviews. If you were not among these, there are some other ways of obtaining additional interviews. See EIW/FIP FAQ number 7.

2.  You can cancel an interview online up until 5PM no less than 3 days prior to the interview date.  After that, cancellations can only be accepted for emergencies and only by contacting the Career Services Assistant Dean (do not contact the employer directly or the Hotel Shattuck Plaza).  Unexcused failures to attend will put your remaining interviews at risk.  For details on canceling, visit the Canceling Interviews section of the EIW Mechanics page.

This policy exists for two reasons:  1) to give adequate notice to employers -- many of whom are traveling a great distance to meet with Berkeley Law students, and whose travel or work plans may need to be re-arranged in response to a change in their interview schedules; and 2) to protect positive and productive working relations with employers for the benefit of your fellow students and future Berkeley Law students.

3.   You can sign yourself up for open interview slots up to the evening before the interview date.  See the Open Interview Sign Ups section of the EIW Mechanics page for details on how to sign up.  New open slots will be created whenever a student cancels an interview, so check frequently.

4.  You are not free to give away your interview slot to any other student, nor to trade slots.

However, in the event of an unforeseen or unexpected conflict, you will be able to seek permission to switch your time slot with any other willing student who is on your same schedule with the same employer (firm and office).  For details, see the Trading Interview Timeslots section of the EIW Mechanics webpage.  You should seek this permission as sparingly as you can -- in previous years, students participating in EIW felt oppressed by all of the emails they were getting from their classmates on their schedules asking if they would switch!

5.  Bring extra photocopies of your resume, writing sample, list of references and photocopies of your transcript to each interview (for more information about references and writing samples, see the Resumes, References, Transcripts, and Writing Samples section of the EIW Mechanics page.).

Employers do not get an advance look at your transcript and you should politely decline any request you receive from an employer to provide one in advance of your interview (you should tell them the CDO instructed you to do so). 

6.  We occasionally get questions about EIW/FIP Attire.  In case you are interested, you can view one of our blogposts on the subject.  

7.  Remember to consult the materials on our interviewing advice webpage, including our Top 10 EIW Interview Prep Tips webcast. 

Best of luck on the interviews! 7/29/2014