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Selecting and Revising A Resume Already Attached to an EIW Bid

Selecting A Resume To Attach to a Bid

If you are applying for different types of employers (e.g., private firms as well as government, or NY firms as well as LA firms), you may want to consider having and attaching different versions of your resume (emphasizing different things) to different bids.  Ideally, you should upload all versions prior to bidding.   

You can attach any uploaded version of your resume to each one of your bids. 

Just click the Review button associated with the interview schedule on the "Employers/Apply" tab to see a Resume drop down window.  If you do not detail into the schedule but, instead, merely select a rank from the bid drop down window on the "Employers/Apply" tab, your default resume will automatically be attached to the bid.  Your default resume is the one you have designated as such (via the “Documents” homepage of b-Line).  If you have not made a default designation, b-Line will use the first version you ever uploaded as your default resume.

Revising Resumes

Once you have selected a version of your resume and attached it to a bid, that selection is “sticky.”  Replacing an existing version with a revised one in the Documents section of b-Line will have no effect on the versions that have already been attached to your existing bids.  In order to substitute the revised version for the version that you originally attached to your existing bids, you need to go to the “Employers/Apply” tab and individually update each bid affected (via the "Review" button) or, if you are using the same version of your resume for all your bids, click the “Update All” button in the upper center box labeled “Default OCI Resume.”  Once bidding has closed, you will not be able to change the resume associated with any of your bids.

This -- and other useful information about the mechanics of the EIW process -- appears on the EIW Mechanics webpage and in the EIW Guide (a link to which appears at the bottom of our EIW/FIP webpage).

NOTE:  there is no final "submit" button for your bids.  Whatever your ranking is as of 5 p.m. on Monday -- and whatever resume you selected to accompany those bids as of that time -- will be what the scheduler will automatically process. 7/25/2013