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"Work On Your Interview Skills"

"Work on your interview skills" was the most common response of past EIW participants in responding to our survey question "What advice would you offer future EIW participants?"  As one respondent put it: "it is really the only factor you can influence, and it is a very important factor."  

Check out our recent webcast "Top Ten EIW Prep Tips" for some interviewing advice.  You can find the link to it on our EIW/FIP Webcasts webpage.

Also, check out our effective interviewing skills webpage for guides and additional webcasts aimed at improving your interviewing skills.  The Detailed Guide To Effective Interviewing includes sections discussing specific questions you can expect to be asked as well as some questions you can pose to the interviewer. 

Students interested in conducting a public interest/public sector job search:  the effective interviewing skills webpage contains a webcast of a great panel discussion we did on acing the public interest/public sector interview. 

Finally, you may also want to check out the chapter on interviewing in Kimm Walton's "Guerilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job Of Your Dreams."  We have a couple of copies in the CDO Library and its also widely available (e.g., on Amazon) for around $30. 7/26/2013