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EIW Participants -- Are You On Track?

Now that we are about halfway through the bidding period, we wanted to check in to make certain you were on track and remind you of a few important action items.

Review the Interviewing Guides and Webcasts

"Work on your interview skills" was the most common response of past EIW participants in responding to our survey question "What advice would you offer future EIW participants?" As one respondent put it: "it is really the only factor you can influence, and it is a very important factor."

Check out our webcast "Top Ten EIW Prep Tips" for some interviewing advice. You can find the link to it on our EIW/FIP Webcasts webpage.

Also, check out our effective interviewing skills webpage (from the CDO homepage, click on the Career Development and Job Search Skills link on the right sidebar and then on Interviewing) for guides and additional webcasts aimed at improving your interviewing skills. The Detailed Guide To Effective Interviewing includes sections discussing specific questions you can expect to be asked as well as some questions you can pose to the interviewer.

Finally, you may also want to check out the chapter on interviewing in Kimm Walton's "Guerilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job Of Your Dreams." We have a couple of copies in the CDO Library and its also widely available (e.g., on Amazon) for around $30.

Prepare Your EIW Attire
We bumped up a post we did last year on the CDO Newswire blog about dressing for EIW on our CDO Newswire.

You can find it here.  Don't hesitate to email or call us with any questions about this or any other procedural topic -- no question too small!

Check Your Email Accounts

Keep your @berkeley email account under quota, in good working order, and make sure my email address and Marty Grenhart's ( can get past your spam-filter. Your @berkeley account is where we will be sending all general EIW announcements.

Also, keep the email address in your b-Line profile up-to-date because that is the place we will send targeted messages that affect your particular EIW employer schedules.

Assemble Your Interview Day Materials

You will need to bring your resume, transcript, writing sample, and list of references to each one of your EIW interviews. You should also have additional copies of your materials with you to distribute to interviewers and available for use at the hospitality suites in case you are asked for them. If you have not already, now is the time to finalize your writing sample and list of references. NOTE: These materials do not get uploaded to b-Line. You only upload your resume.