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EIW Participants -- Are You On Track?

CDO has collected its interviewing skills resources on a single webpage.  Just click on Career Development and Job Search Skills from the right sidebar and then select Interviewing.   At a minimum, you should review the Detailed Interviewing Guide and at least one of the webcasts on the initial on-campus interviews well before the interviews begin on August 5.  There's also a link to a 25 min. webcast entitled "Top Ten EIW Prep Tips."

We bumped up a post we did last year on the CDO Newswire blog about dressing for EIW on our CDO Newswire.  You can find it here

1.  Review the 2013 EIW/FIP webpage, EIW Mechanics, EIW FAQ as well as all the other resources we link to on the 2013 EIW/FIP webpage (Click on Jobs and Career Options from the right sidebar menu and then on Interview Programs). 

2.  Calendar the key EIW/FIP dates.  You should do your best to keep the evenings of EIW free (some (though not many) firms host dinners for their interviewees) and also the following days up until school starts to do as many callbacks as possible. 

3.  Complete the b-Line Summer Evaluation Form (required) -- please try to take a minute and provide answers to the narrative questions, as these may be the most helpful to your classmates.

4.  Per my 6/27 email you will need photocopies of your official transcript for each of your EIW interviews (and extras for your visits to the hospitality suites), so you need to order an official transcript -- NOT from BearFacts, but from the Berkeley Law Registrar.  You can order an official transcript online and pick it up in person during business hours on the work days before EIW (NOTE: at this point, it's probably too late to order one and request that it be mailed to you).   

5.  Keep your @berkeley email account under quota, in good working order, and make sure Terrence Galligan's email address and Marty Grenhart's email address ( can get past your spam-filter.  Your @berkeley account is where we will be sending all general EIW announcements.

6.  Also, keep the email address in your b-Line profile up-to-date because that is the place we will send targeted messages that affect your particular EIW employer schedules.

7.  Finalize your writing sample and list of references.  And make sure you have multiple copies of them -- as well as extra copies of your resume and transcript -- with you at the Hotel each day of EIW (to distribute to interviewers and for use at the hospitality suites if you are asked for them).     


Remember that the information contained in the OCI Section of the b-Line is the most up-to-date information as to the employers who are coming to EIW and the class years for which they are interviewing.  Any schedule changes (including cancellations or additions) that occur since the spreadsheets that we link to on the 2013 EIW/FIP website were prepared on 7/23/13 will be posted on the homepage of b-Line (in the Announcements section).   


A reminder that we are presenting the following next week -- RSVP is required. The Magic That Turns Interviews Into Offers:  How To Build An Authentic Narrative  Date:  July 30, 2013Time:  6-8 PMRoom:  WarrenFor many students, the interview is one of the biggest obstacles to landing a job.  Please join attorney-counselors Sarah Cunniff, Marsha Rabkin, and Samorn Selim for this highly interactive evening workshop on interviewing skills.  Sarah, Marsha, and Samorn will use their combined experience of over 20 years of counseling students to successfully land firm jobs to cover employers' goals in an interview; the most common categories of interview questions and how to effectively respond to them; and how to avoid common mistakes.  Through guided short mock interviews with fellow students, you will get an opportunity to step into an employer's shoes and also get immediate feedback on your interviewing style and skills.  This workshop will raise your interviewing to the next level!   Dinner will be served to those who RSVP to Dianna Carter at by July 26th.