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Weekend Hours To Pick Up EIW Transcripts

We heard from some of you that you are planning on participating in EIW, but that you will be working/traveling through Friday 8/5.  In order to insure that all of you will be able to pick up your transcript (and have time to make copies) before interviews begin on Monday, 8/8, we have shifted the dates on which you can pick up transcripts to include the weekend immediately before EIW.  

Once you pick up your transcript, you will need to make enough photocopies to distribute to each of your interviewers during EIW, so be sure to build in sufficient time to do this before Monday (you will not have the ability to make photocopies at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza during EIW).  You should also have extra copies in case an employer asks you for one during one of your visits to a hospitality suite. 

The same is true, by the way, for your resume, reference list, and writing samples.   You need to bring copies of all these things to each of your interviews.  This -- and other potentially useful info -- is set out on the EIW Mechanics webpage.

You will be able to pick up your transcript in the CDO -- 290 Simon Hall -- between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on either Saturday, 8/6 or Sunday, 8/7.  Please make sure to have your student ID with you.  Transcripts will also be available for pick up from Wednesday, 8/3 to Friday, 8/5 -- between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  However, the weekday pick up location will be  different.  Instead of the CDO, you should go to Room 238, which is the space we are using to process judicial clerkship applications.  Room 238 is located in the former Library.  (If you are standing in the Main Reading Room facing the now closed circulation desk, it is to your right in the northeast corner of the former Library space)  Signs will be posted to assist you.  

For those of you who will be picking up transcripts on the weekend, please be aware that, due to relocation-related activities, the Law Library will be closed on the weekend.  Therefore, the nearest place for you to make photocopies on Saturday or Sunday will be the Copy Central at 2560 Bancroft Way.         

As we mentioned in our 7-15-11 email, you do not need to order transcripts from the Registrar.  The registrar will automatically be printing out one official transcript for each 2L and 3L and delivering them to the CDO for subsequent distribution to you.   

We also mentioned in our earlier email that EIW employers are interested in reviewing your transcript essentially for the purpose of determining how well you did in the courses that you have completed.  By and large, they are not interested in the classes in which you are enrolling (or have enrolled) for the coming semester.  Accordingly, you should not be concerned about going into an EIW interview with a transcript that may not reflect last-minute changes/additions/deletions in your course enrollment.  The key data that must be accurate for them are your grades. You should take full advantage of Phase II of the TeleBEARS process to complete your enrollment and insure the accuracy of all your information (e.g., that your name and grades are correct) before July 29th.Program Reminder