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Important EIW and FIP Dates and Deadlines

Bidding for firm interviews (and for the small numbers of public interest and government employers in EIW) opens on Monday, July 21st.

If you're looking for our earlier summer emails to you, links to them can be found in the News and Announcements column on the CDO homepage.

First, we wanted to give you a quick report on where things currently stand.  As of now, we have about the same number of employers (and about the same number of interviews) as last year, which was slightly more than the year before that.  Our advice -- especially in light of such neutral news -- remains Do not rely solely on EIW/FIP.  Take full advantage of the program, but we also encourage you to do some thinking about all of your options for next summer (and beyond).  Flexibility (in terms of geography and practice areas) and networking are going to be absolutely key to your ultimate success.  All of us in the CDO stand ready to help you.

Summer Employer Evaluations Required

Once bidding goes "live" (on July 21st), you will be required to complete a brief online summer employer evaluation before you will be able to access the OCI section of  b-Line. (If you try to access the OCI section before filling out the evaluation, you will be automatically redirected to the Evaluations section of b-Line until you fill in at least the few required fields).  Filling out the evaluation will only take a few minutes and will be of enormous assistance to current and future Berkeley Law students.

Note:  b-Line permits you to respond anonymously (by selecting “no” in response to the required question “May students contact you for further information about your summer experience?” towards the bottom of the evaluation form).

The evaluations are for the exclusive use of Berkeley Law students; employers do not have access to them.  You will be able to view other students' evaluations from this past summer and from the previous five summers by clicking on the "Search" Tab in the "Evaluations" section of b-Line (to access the "Evaluations" section, click on the “Summer Evaluations" link on the b-Line homepage -- under "Career Tools and Advising").

Further Note:  you can help your fellow students (and future students) most by taking just a little extra time to thoughtfully complete the questions at the end of the survey that call for a "narrative" type response (as opposed to just a 1 through 5 rating).


You will need to bring a photocopy of your original transcript to each of your EIW interviews (the first one of which will take place on August 4th).   As we mentioned in an earlier email (on 7/3), you will need to order one from the Registrar by July 14th in order to insure you receive it in time.  The Registrar’s Office now accepts online orders for transcripts (from the Registrar’s website, click on “Forms” on the right sidebar menu and then click “Order Online”) and will mail them to a designated address.  You also have the option to order your transcript and pick it up in person from the Registrar’s Office, if you prefer, but remember that you will need to have it in time for you to also make photocopies for each of your interviews.  You should also have several extra photocopies in case an employer asks you for one during one of your visits to a hospitality suite.

Keep in mind that EIW employers are interested in reviewing your transcript essentially for the purpose of determining how well you did in the courses that you have completed. By and large, they are not using the transcript to determine the classes in which you are enrolling (or have enrolled) for the coming semester, though they may well ask you that during an interview or you may well want to volunteer the classes you are signed up for to signal your interest in a particular practice area.

Accordingly, don’t put off ordering your transcript because you are concerned that the very latest changes/additions/deletions in your course enrollment do not appear on it. The key data that must be accurate for employers are your grades.


All of the information you need about EIW can be found on the 2014 EIW/FIP homepage and the EIW Mechanics webpage.

The OCI section of the b-Line contains the most up-to-date information on the employers coming to EIW/FIP (remember you will only see those employers interviewing for your class year).  It is the place where you will be conducting your employer research (some of it, at least), submitting your bids, viewing/modifying interview schedules and carrying out all other online EIW activities.  If you are unsure about an employer's status, feel free to contact Marty Grenhart at  Marty is the CDO's Recruitment Program Manager and handles all of the logistics relating to EIW.

We strongly encourage employers who are interested in Berkeley Law students, but for whatever reason are not coming to EIW, to post a job announcement in the jobs section of the b-Line, so be sure to check that regularly.  NOTE: The job posting mechanism is functionally equivalent to the "resume drop" option that some Schools offer employers.

Resume Review

7/14 was the official deadline for guaranteeing that we would be able to review your resume and get it back to you in time for EIW.  You can still send it to the career email box ( and will do our best to get it back to you in time for it to be useful to you in EIW.  You should also feel free to send us any cover letters you intend to use outside the EIW process.

NOTE: You will generally NOT be preparing or submitting cover letters to EIW employers; only a very small number of employers -- generally government or public interest employers -- request them; such a request would appear in the additional requests/information section of an employer's schedule details in the b-Line.

Because of the volume of requests, we can't honor requests to review your resume a second time.  We hope you will understand that, if a counselor has already reviewed your resume and gotten back to you, you should not resubmit it.

We look forward to working with you as you prepare for the upcoming recruitment season!