Law of the Sea Institute Publications

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Regions, Institutions, and Law of the Sea:  Studies in Ocean Governance, edited by Harry N. Scheiber and Jin-Hyun Paik, Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2013)

"Legalism, Geopolitics, and Morality:  Perspectives from Law and History on War Guilt in Relation to the Dokdo Island Controversy," by Harry N. Scheiber, in Dokdo:  Historical Appraisal and International Justice (Seokwoo Lee and Hee Eun Lee, eds.), Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2011)

"Economic Uses of the Oceans," by Harry N. Scheiber, in Law, Technology and Science for Oceans in Globalisation:  IUU Fishing, Oil Pollution, Bioprospecting, Outer Continental Shelf (Davor Vidas, ed.), Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2010)

"Japanese Policies, Ocean Law, and the Tuna Fisheries:  Sustainability Goals, the IUU Issue, and Overcapacity," by Kathryn J. Mengerink, Harry N. Scheiber, and Yann-Huei Song, in Conservation and Management of Transnational Tuna Fisheries (Allen, Joseph, and Squires, eds.), Wiley-Blackwell (2010)

The Oceans in the Nuclear Age:  Legacies and Risks, edited by David D. Caron and Harry N. Scheiber, Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2009)

Maritime Boundary Disputes, Settlement Processes, and the Law of the Sea, edited by Seoung-Yong Hong and Jon M. Van Dyke, Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2009)

Frontier Issues in Ocean Law:  Marine Resources, Maritime Boundaries, and the Law of the Sea, edited by Harry N. Scheiber and Seokwoo Lee, Issues in Legal Scholarship (2008)

"Ocean Tuna Fisheries, East Asian Rivalries, and International Regulation:  Japanese Policies and the Overcapacity/IUU Fishing Conundrum," by Harry N. Scheiber, Kathryn J. Mengerink, and Yann-Huei Song, University of Hawaii Law Review, Volume 30 (2008)

"The United States and the 1982 Law of the Sea Treaty," by David D. Caron and Harry N. Scheiber, American Society of International Law Insights, Volume 12 (June 11, 2007)

Law of the Sea Symposium:  Multilateralism and International Ocean-Resources Law, San Diego International Law Journal, Volume 6 (Fall 2004)

Multilateralism and International Ocean-Resources Law:  Papers from the 2003 LOSI Conference at the University of California, Berkeley, edited by Harry N. Scheiber with Kathryn J. Mengerink (2004)

Bringing New Law to Ocean Waters, edited by David D. Caron and Harry N. Scheiber, Brill Academic Publishers (2004)

"Bringing the Community Back In: The Next Step in Fishery Management," by Harry N. Scheiber, Managing Marine Fisheries in the United States, Proceedings of the Pew Oceans Commission Workshop on Marine Fishery Management (2003)

Inter-Allied Conflicts and Ocean Law, 1945-53: The Occupation Command's Revival of Japanese Whaling and Marine Fisheries, by Harry Scheiber, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica (2001)

Law of the Sea: The Common Heritage and Emerging Challenges, edited by Harry N. Scheiber, Publications on Ocean Development, Volume 34, Brill Academic Publishers (2000)


Law of the Sea Institute Occasional Papers

1. The Sea Where International Law Is Made: Some Informal Remarks
Wendell Sanford, Consul of Canada at Los Angeles

2. Homage to Judge Tullio Treves
Bernard H. Oxman, University of Miami

3. The Division of the Maritime Zones of the United States Between Its Federal Government and Its States
John Briscoe, Briscoe Ivester & Bazel LLP

4. Ocean Law and the Processes of Globalization
Kjell Åke Modéer, Lund University

5. The United States and the Law of the Sea Convention
John B. Bellinger III, Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State