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Programs you can donate to include:

CLEE and the Environmental Law Program
The Energy & Cleantech Law Program
The Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship
The Barry S. Sandals and Professor Joseph Sax Fellowships

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Donate to CLEE and the Environmental Law Program

Your donation to CLEE will support the center in all of its activities, including academic research, events, curriculum development, student programs and much more.

Donate online now, or learn about other ways to give to CLEE.

Donate to the Energy & Cleantech Law Program

Your donation to the Energy & Cleantech Program will help develop this new program in its efforts to expand curriculum, create new research opportunities for students, develop educational materials, and host substantive events.

Donate online now (please include in Special Instructions: "Energy & Cleantech Law Program"), or learn about other ways to give to the Program.

Donate to the Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship

The Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship was recently established to memorialize Tom Graff’s lifelong contributions to the water law of California and the West, and his lifelong commitment to the development and education of law students to follow that example.

Motivated by his distress over the increased financial burden on present and prospective students - particularly those in the environmental program - Berkeley Law lecturer Antonio Rossmann decided to donate his present year's adjunct earnings to summer environmental public interest fellowships. The passing late last year of his longtime friend and colleague Tom Graff, who for a time taught at Boalt Hall, provided a meaningful opportunity to honor Tom's wish that his memorials advance the cause of water law reform through the Environmental Defense Fund office that he opened nearly 40 years ago. Rossmann's hope is that Tom Graff's work and example, combining intellect, creativity, energy, and collegiality, will live on through this permanent fellowship at Boalt.

This summer fellowship fund is now welcoming contributions. Donations to the fund from fellow faculty will be enhanced by a matching Chancellor's grant, and contributions by students and new alumni (in years '05 - '10) will be eligible for the 3:1 match. Further information can be obtained from the Boalt Hall Alumni Center.

Donate online now (please include in Special Instructions: "Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship"), or learn about other ways to give to the Tom Graff Fellowship.  

Donate to the Barry S. Sandals and Professor Joseph Sax Fellowships (ELQ Fellowships)

Each year the Environmental Law Quarterly (ELQ) awards fellowships to law students slated to work with a public interest organization or in the public sector for the summer. The fellowships are awarded to second year students, who need not necessarily be a member of ELQ.

Barry S. Sandals Fellowship
Barry S. Sandals was a partner at Morrison & Foerster, and was well known in the Bay Area as one of the nation’s top CERCLA litigators. A fellowship in his name is endowed by a generous gift from his former firm. It provides $5,000 to a second-year law student, selected by vote by the ELQ membership. The recipient must demonstrate an interest in pursuing public interest and/or public sector environmental law employment, and have retained such employment for the summer.

Professor Joseph Sax Fellowship
Professor Joseph Sax retired in 2001 from his position as the James H. House and Hiram H. Hurd Professor of Environmental Regulation, after teaching at Boalt for 15 years. In recognition of Professor Sax’s great accomplishments as an academic, practitioner, mentor, and friend, ELQ dedicated a fellowship in his honor. The fellowship consists of a pool of funds, depending on annual fundraising but is typically in the range of $4,000-8,000. To be eligible, a student must be in his/her second year and have secured public interest or public sector employment for the summer. An individual recipient is capped at an award of $5,000; each applicant must also submit information about any outside funding he/she has received.

Donate online now (please include in Special Instructions: "ELQ Fellowships"), or learn about other ways to give to the ELQ Fellowships.  

Ways to Give

Make a gift online:

  • To the Energy & Cleantech Program (please include in Special Instructions: "Energy & Cleantech Program")
  • To the Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship (please include in Special Instructions: "Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship")
  • To the Barry S. Sandals and Professor Joseph Sax Fellowships (please include in Special Instructions: "ELQ Fellowships")
  • To pledge a gift online, please complete the online pledge form.

  • If you would like to donate to CLEE and the Environmental Law Program, please select "California Center for Environmental Law and Policy" as the fund.
  • For all other donations, please select "Other" as the fund and include in the "Special Instructions" field either "Energy & Cleantech Law Program", "Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship" or "ELQ Fellowships."
  • To make a gift by phone, call the Boalt Hall Alumni Center at 510.642.2590, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Please specify whether you are donating to CLEE, the Energy & Cleantech Program, the Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship, or the Barry S. Sandals and Professor Joseph Sax Fellowships.

    To make a gift by check, (1) please make your check payable to UC Regents, (2) include in the memo line either "CLEE", "Energy & Cleantech Program", "Tom Graff EDF Summer Fellowship", or "ELQ Fellowships", and (3) mail the check to:

    University of California, Berkeley School of Law
    Boalt Hall Alumni Center
    2850 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 500
    Berkeley, CA 94705-7220

    To arrange
    monthly, quarterly or yearly gifts to CLEE via electronic funds transfer between your bank and the UC Berkeley Foundation, please complete this authorization form and mail to:

        Catie Cariaga
        University of California, Berkeley School of Law
        Boalt Hall Alumni Center  
        2850 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 500
        Berkeley, CA 94705-7220

        Phone:  510.643.6542

    To donate gifts of securities to CLEE, please contact

        Sylvia Worthington
        Senior Securities and Special Gifts Analyst

        Phone:  510.642.4123

    Matching Gifts - Double Or Triple Your Gift to the Center!

    Today, an increasing number of companies and law firms offer varying levels of corporate match for their employees’ philanthropic interests. Some employers even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Best of all, you are recognized for the full amount of your own plus any resulting corporate match.

    Take advantage of this great opportunity by contacting your Human Resources office to request more information and a matching gift form. Send the completed form by mail to:

        Alumni Center
        2000 Center St, Suite 400
        Berkeley, CA 94704-7200

    Questions? Contact Catie Cariaga at 510.643.6542 or

    Planned Gifts

    A planned gift may enable you to satisfy personal financial planning needs in addition to providing Boalt Hall with important, long-term support. Some plans may provide income for life (or a term of years), an immediate income tax charitable deduction, avoidance of capital gains tax, and professional asset management (if Boalt serves as trustee). If a gift is made through your will, you obtain significant estate tax benefits.

    A provision in your will or living trust that directs a portion of your estate to a named beneficiary (such as Boalt) is called a bequest. A charitable bequest not only furthers your lifetime commitment to the law school, but also qualifies your estate for a charitable deduction that can reduce estate tax liability. There are several ways to make a bequest: You can arrange to give Boalt a specific monetary amount, a piece of property, or a percentage of your estate. Residual and contingent bequests provide first for your family, and then, if circumstances permit, for the law school. 

    Charitable Remainder Trusts
    A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is an arrangement under which you transfer money or property to the UC Berkeley Foundation. The Foundation manages and invests the assets as a separate fund and makes payments to you or to other beneficiary(ies) for their lives or the period of years specified in the trust agreement. When these payments terminate, the assets in the trust pass to the law school, in care of UC Berkeley to be used as you specified.

    CRTs are designed to offer various federal income and estate tax deductions for gifts benefiting charities or educational institutions. In addition, if appreciated assets are used to fund a CRT, the donor avoids capital gains tax.

    Charitable Gift Annunities
    Gift annuities are contracts between an individual and a charitable organization such as Boalt Hall. In exchange for a gift of cash or other property to the law school, you (or the person of your choice) will receive an annuity that pays you a fixed amount of money for life. Charitable gift annuities offer the option of receiving annuity payments immediately or deferring them until a later date.

    Pooled Income Funds
    A pooled income fund works much like a mutual fund. Gifts from many Boalt friends and alumni are managed and invested jointly, and all income earned by the fund is paid out in proportionate shares to its participants quarterly. Four different funds with different investment objectives are available.

    Real Estate
    A gift of real estate is often an effective way to make a major gift to a charitable organization such as the law school, since the gift entitles the donor to an income tax deduction for the property’s full appraised fair market value.

    Almost any marketable real estate is suitable for a charitable gift, including personal residences, farms, commercial buildings, forest land, and shares in a cooperative apartment corporation. Unencumbered property is preferable and generates the greatest tax benefit.

    Retirement Assets
    Many alumni in their 70s and older are discovering that they have accumulated estates and retirement plans far in excess of anything they ever imagined possible. Tax burdens—sometimes more than 70 percent—can eat away at retirement plan assets when they are left outright to heirs. Making a charitable gift of retirement assets is one way to lessen the tax burden associated with such assets and to support the law school at the same time.

    Questions? Contact the Boalt Hall Alumni Center at 510.643.6673 or, or visit UC Berkeley's Gift Planning Website.