Space Request Application and Instructions

Click here to download the application.

Click here for the building access request form.


To promote the efficient use of space as well as improve customer service for those making requests, the Space Request Application will ensure that requests for space are coordinated with multiple units within the law school.

When to Use:
This form is to be completed by a unit supervisor, or designate for all new occupants at 2850 Telegraph. Please submit the Space Request Application at least one month in advance,

    PART I:      This portion of the application should be filled out by the person requesting space.

    PART II:    This portion of the form is used to describe the position for which you are requesting space.

Submittal Process:
The form should be filled out electronically and then either printed, or sent via email to:

Space Advisory Committee
2850 Telegraph Avenue, Ste. 500
Berkeley CA 94705-7220

(510) 666-3438

Approval Process:
The Space Advisory Committee will either approve or deny your request based on the information provided in the Space Request Application. If your space request is denied, the Space Advisory Committee will make every effort to provide alternative options. To complete the process, you have 3-days to  either accept or decline the option(s) provided by the Space Advisory Committee via email. 

If your request for space was denied, you may submit an appeal in writing within 3 days of the date of the denial notification. Send the original request plus any additional information to for review.