Developing a Training Program on Disproportionate Minority Contact

Reducing Disproportionate Minority Contact in California

The Warren Institute in partnership with the California Corrections Standards Authority is developing an education and training program focused on reducing the disparities of youth of color coming into contact with the juvenile justice system, commonly known as Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC).  The project is motivated by increasing interest from various juvenile justice stakeholders such as probation, judicial staff, parole, law enforcement, and youth services, in education and training programs on how to better identify, understand, and address issues related to DMC.  While many jurisdictions have the internal capacity to conduct trainings, they do not have the internal capacity to develop their own educational content and training materials.  The training program will be developed for local trainers with a primary goal of increasing knowledge about the critical elements of effective DMC reduction efforts.  It will include defining the issues; a history of DMC; national, state, and local trends; and what is known from research and best practices.