Evidence-Based Probation Practices

The Warren Institute is working with the San Francisco Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments to expand the use of evidence-based practices through a complete reorganization and rewriting of Department policies and procedures. Our core team of four members is reviewing the existing body of policies in both Departments, examining current practices, and researching the best in community corrections and behavioral science as it relates to good case management. The end result will be accessible and easily understood operational policies and procedures, each of which includes the rationale and principles on which it is based.

Our team is striving to set a new standard for creating and maintaining a set of practical documents—useful for new and veteran staff alike—that comply with state law and that will help to improve probation practice. The project supports the goals of both the Juvenile and Adult Probation Departments of reducing recidivism, enhancing public safety, and improving life outcomes for youth and adults on probation. This work has great capacity for growth. We hope to address the needs of other counties similarly committed to elevating their practice.