Evaluation of Restorative Justice at Oakland High School

The California Endowment has awarded the Henderson Center a research grant to evaluate the efficacy of a Restorative Justice disciplinary system at East Oakland, California’s Castlemont High School.  The school has replaced its historical zero-tolerance disciplinary policy with the principles of restorative justice.

After the Oakland Unified School District passed its 2009 resolution supporting the use of restorative justice as a disciplinary practice in place of zero-tolerance policies, the California Endowment in 2010, funded Restorative Justice of Oakland Youth (known as R-JOY), a California non-profit, to implement restorative justice at Castlemont High School.  The implementation is to include training school staff as well as families, local non-profits, and the community at large.

The California Endowment has asked the Henderson Center to evaluate how restorative justice as a disciplinary practice affects school climate, disciplinary infractions, attendance and contact with the juvenile justice system.

The project will span several years.  Its methodology will include analysis of juvenile justice and school data and interviews with students, faculty, administrators, and community members.