Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Boalt Hall's excellent Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) enables Boalt graduates to pursue public interest careers and work in underserved communities. Here is what Boalt students and graduates are saying about LRAP:

"LRAP takes off a HUGE burden. I came into law school wanting to do public interest law and I believe I was not swayed to go the big firm route because I knew that I can make ends meet with my modest salary and LRAP.....So much of our worth is measured in dollar terms. If people value you, we assume they would pay more for you to do whatever you do. because my work pays me so little, my mother questions the value of my work. One saving grace is that she knows Boalt is paying 100% of my law school loans now and she realizes that Boalt values what I am doing and is willing to help me continue to do what I am doing."

-Jee Park, Boalt '03, Pretty man Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center

"I am thrilled to be where I am. As legal advisor to elected officials and public agencies, my career is dedicated to the very things for which I hoped law school would prepare me: engaging on major public policy issues from a legal perspective. I absolutely would not have found my way to this position if LRAP hadn't enabled me to work at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and then for the City Council."

-Priya Sridharan, Boalt '99, Deputy City Attorney, Los Angeles, California

"My experience so far tells that it is EXTREMELY difficult to recruit motivated, creative, and dedicated people to legal services...LRAP is crucial to encouraging our best law school grads to commit to this work."

-Celia Yapita, Boalt '02, Staff Attorney at Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc.