Law School Consortium Project


What is the Law School Consortium Project? 

The Law School Consortium Project (LSCP) is a national nonprofit which works with law schools across the country to provide resources and benefits to solo and small firm practitioners who are dedicated to providing affordable, quality legal services to low and middle income communities.

What is the LSCP Northern California Collaborative?

The LSCP Northern California Collaborative (LSCP NCC) is an innovative, cooperative effort between the LSCP and six Northern California law schools to create and support a network of solo and small firm practitioners who are alumni of the LSCP Member Law Schools and who are dedicated to providing accessible legal services to low and moderate income Northern California communities. The creation of the LSCP NCC marks the first time law schools have come together to form an organization specifically geared to increasing access to legal services. The LSCP NCC Member Law Schools are:

Why Was the LSCP NCC Created?

By creating and supporting networks of solo and small firm social justice practitioners, the LSCP and its Member Law Schools help increase access to quality legal services for individuals and families that would otherwise have difficulty finding affordable attorneys. According to current LSCP Practitioners, membership in a LSCP Network allows them to:

What Benefits Will LSCP NCC Social Justice Practitioners Receive?

Current LSCP Practitioners have reported receiving the following benefits from the participation in LSCP Networks:


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Law School Network Practitioner Survey Report (PDF)


If you are a solo or small firm practitioner who serves primarily low and moderate income clients in Northern California and want more information on LSCP NCC please contact LSCP Field Director Anand Subramanian at (415) 561-6698 or or the Center's administrator, Dianne Fuller, at (510) 642-6969 or If you are interested in becoming a member contact Jacqueline Ervin at (510) 642-3093 or


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