Voting Rights


The Opportunity and Inclusion initiative explores racial and ethnic disparities in access to and participation in the political and health care systems in the U.S. We conduct and commission multi-disciplinary research and examine how changes in legal structures and policies, as well as public education, can empower traditionally disenfranchised and excluded communities. 


This initiative is investigating the effect of redistricting reform on voters of color. The project will work to increase communication between voting rights advocates and scholars and between redistricting reform advocates and scholars. The project has three important goals:

1. First, it will start and foster a conversation between redistricting reform and voting rights advocates and scholars. 
2. Second, it will conduct and commission legal and social science research to answer pressing questions about the IRCs and minority voting strength. 
3. Finally, it will develop research-based policy recommendations for how to ensure that minority voting strength is protected in redistricting reform measures, such as IRCs.