The education program is focused on producing research, research-based policy prescriptions and curricular innovation on issues related to education reform and racial justice in California and the nation. We work to directly link education research to policymaking and advocacy efforts, and to document the impact of these efforts on real-world outcomes for students and their families. New or synthesized research is translated into formats that are useful to advocates, legislators, litigators, the media and others engaged in debating and making public policy or shaping private practices. These materials are disseminated widely, through both national and state-level convenings and networks. Recent work includes convening leading national civil rights organizations, non-profit leaders, and government officials  to discuss the latest research focused on the racial justice dimensions of various school improvement measures, commissioning research and developing policy recommendations focused on the well-being of  African American and Latino boys and young men, work on behalf of the California state department of Education to assess the efficacy of using a weighted student formula model to more adequately fund K-12 schools, and efforts to explore how to give meaningful content to the concept of education as a fundamental right.