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1Ls: Your 2L Summer Job Search

Even though it's only Feb!

We know it must seem way too early to be thinking about August/September on-campus recruiting programs.  After all, many of you have yet to nail down your 1L summer job plans.  But, the changes we will be making to our recruiting programs this year, combined with the continuing sluggish economy, have given us a lot of ground to cover before classes end and everyone goes into finals mode.  (For a refresher on the recruiting program changes, go here.) 

Toward that end, we are announcing a series of programs to help you get the most out of our Early Interview Week (EIW), our Fall Interview Program (FIP), and various other fall semester job search avenues (students have been increasingly finding success outside the on-campus interview process).

The series begins on Thursday, March 3rd.  You can find the complete series list, with descriptions, dates, start times, and locations here.  You should enter these programs into your calendars as soon as you can.     

We realize that your initial (and quite natural) reaction to this email may be to increase your stress level – and we wish we could think of a way around this.  Our hope, however, is that these programs will ultimately have the opposite effect.  They will help de-mystify the process and arm you with the knowledge necessary to best position yourself career-wise.

While you can’t control the economy, you can control how informed you are about how the legal employer hiring process works, the effect that the economy is likely to have on that process, how to research employers, what to ask them, the details about bidding and interviewing strategy, and the various job search alternatives to our on-campus interview programs.

Our programs are designed to give you this knowledge . . . and knowledge (we’ve said it before) is power.

If you are considering pursuing a public interest or public sector summer position as a 2L, we are planning some specific programming on this topic in early April, so stay tuned for further announcements.

Remember, we are here to meet with you – either by formal appointment, or during designated office hours (or any other time that we are not otherwise engaged) – to address any of your career concerns.