Reaching Out to Boalt Students


Email Messages to Berkeley Law Students

The CDO will gladly forward short email messages to our student mailing lists to convey relevant information or invitations to employer-sponsored events. Emails should be brief and should not contain graphics. Please contact our Recruitment Manager at least one week prior to date for delivery.

Contact Student Organizations and Journals

Berkeley Law is comprised of a dynamic student community, which includes more than 60 journals, student organizations, and affinity groups. These organizations include clinical programs, professional interest groups, service organizations, social groups, special interest and ethics groups, and student publications.

A list of student organizations with links to their websites is available by clicking here.

Contact 1L Students

The Career Development Office is a member of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), and as such we adhere to the NALP Principles and Standards related to the recruiting of law students. We also expect employers that are utilizing the services of our office to be cognizant of and abide by these Principles and Standards. Accordingly, the CDO does not make its services related to job-search available to first-year students prior to November 1. In addition, we require that employers not communicate directly or indirectly with first-year students before December 1. Invitations to social functions scheduled before December 1 should be directed only to second- and third-year students.

Recruit Berkeley Law Alumni

Berkeley Law Alumni often contact our office when they are undertaking a career transition. We encourage employers to list any job listings for alumni on our online job listings through b-Line. If accessed through this page, job postings for students and alumni are free of charge.

Host Receptions

Many employers wish to host receptions during the interviewing season to create a more informal occasion to meet our students. Due to the demanding schedules of most law students, there is no way to guarantee or predict how well attended such events might be. Employers who wish to schedule an event should first contact the CDO to arrange a date that does not conflict with another one of our career-related programs. Keep in mind that there are dozens of student organizations and institutional centers that also plan events for students. There is no way for the CDO to provide a comprehensive conflict check for your event. The CDO is also glad to provide you with information about how to reserve a room at the law school or nearby and provide a list of caterers. For more information, please contact our recruitment manager.


Register in the Lawmatch Employer Directory

The Lawmatch employer directory enables Berkeley Law students and alumni who are researching prospective employers to quickly identify those firms that might potentially fulfill their career objectives. Our interview bidding and scheduling system (b-Line, powered by Symplicity) provides students with immediate, integrated access to employer profiles in the Lawmatch employer directory. This feature enables students to quickly open a window and review detailed hiring and benefit data about your firm prior to making bidding choices.

The Lawmatch directory is also available to alumni who are researching potential employers for lateral career moves.

Although participation in the Lawmatch directory is not required, it is an option to convey important information in a consistent format that facilitates easy comparison of your hiring and benefit data. You can register and find price information on the Lawmatch website. The employer directory is a product of Lawmatch. Neither the University of California nor Berkeley Law receives any proceeds from your listing in the Lawmatch employer directory. It is simply one of many career-related resources that is available to Berkeley Law students.