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Berkeley Law Public Interest/Public Sector Summer Fellowship Program ('Edley Grants')

The Berkeley Law Public Interest/Public Sector Summer Fellowship Program (known informally by students as the ‘Edley Grant Program’) provides $4000 to JD students who are completing a first summer of qualifying public interest or government work. The program also provides additional funding to 2Ls who are completing a second summer of qualifying public interest or government work. To be eligible, summer work must consist of legal work and must be supervised by an attorney.  Note: Judicial externships are not eligible for Berkeley Law Fellowship funding.

To be eligible to receive funding, students must request support and meet the qualification requirements. Please review the complete details about the Berkeley Law Summer Fellowship Program on the Fellowships page of our website. The Fellowship requirements are expected to remain much the same as they did last year.  A link to last year’s Guidelines can be found on the Summer Fellowships page of the CDO website.  (The 2012 Guidelines and Application Form will be available in early March 2012. For your convenience, most Berkeley Law student organizations that offer public interest summer funding use the same application form, some in conjunction with additional submission requirements.)

Applications for the Berkeley Law Public Interest/Public Sector Summer Fellowship Program will be due April 2, 2012.

Pro Bono Requirement

The principal requirement for receiving funding is the completion of 25 hours of pro bono work.  You should begin completing your pro bono hours immediately, if you have not already done so, to allow yourself time enough time to complete 25 hours by the April 1 deadline.

Generally speaking, to count toward the pro bono requirement, work must be: (1) law-related; (2) supervised by an attorney; (3) in the public interest; and (4) uncompensated (by either financial remuneration or academic credit). Students often complete their hours by:

    * participating in eligible student-run projects (e.g. Community Legal Outreach; Workers' Rights Clinic; CARC; Juvenile Hall Outreach; etc.);
* performing pre-approved work at a non-profit organization of a student's choosing;
* directly assisting the public interest fellowship fund-raising efforts of any Berkeley Law student organization; and/or
* being certified as meeting the BLF summer funding requirement (please note: if BLF requires fewer than 25 hours, students must complete additional hours through the above-listed avenues to make up the difference, for a total of 25 hours).

Please click here for a detailed description of how the pro bono requirement may be satisfied; take the time to read the rules carefully and contact us if you are in need of clarification.  These requirements have become more detailed (in an effort to make them more fair), so you should not rely simply on what others tell you.

If you need advice or assistance in finding a pro bono placement, please contact Linda Maranzana or Alex Lee in the CDO to discuss possible options.

Maximizing Your Summer Funding

The Berkeley Law Fellowships should be looked at as just one component of your summer funding.  You should be considering applying to all other fellowship programs for which you are eligible, not just student organization fellowships, but programs outside of Berkeley Law, which offer fellowships that you can use in conjunction with your Berkeley Law grant, up to the applicable funding cap.  The funding cap is the maximum a student can earn through all combined sources (external stipends or fellowships, student organization fellowships, income/stipend from an employer), if one of those sources is the Berkeley Law Summer Fellowship Program. The funding cap for 1Ls is $5000; the funding cap for 2Ls is $6000.  You can find more information about the funding cap here.

By seeking external funding, not only can you increase the amount of money you get this summer -- you can also save (or “bank”) any unused portion of the Berkeley Law $4000 1L Summer Fellowship award for use during your 2L summer.  You can find more information about banking here.

The best place to research external summer funding opportunities is the recently updated Summer Funding page at  Keep in mind that many of these resources have deadlines in early Spring. You can also find information about external funding opportunities on the CDO Summer Public Interest Fellowships webpage.

As always, please feel free to contact Linda Maranzana (510-643-2675) if you have any questions.