Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Colloquium on Privacy & Security

Author(s): Chris Jay Hoofnagle
Year: 2006

Abstract: On November 2-3, 2001, the University of Buffalo sponsored Digital Frontier: The Buffalo Summit 2001. The attendees included Gary M. Schober (Moderator), Shubha Ghosh (Organizer), Ann Bartow, Chris Hoofnagle, and Phyllis Borzi. The participants were drawn from a wide range of specialties, from lawyers and doctors to business-men and academics, in order to provide some perspective on our data-driven world. This session on Privacy and Security identified some of the trends in technology that threaten privacy rights, as well as those that may assists preserving privacy. The speakers also explored legal developments and political structure influencing cyber-privacy.

Buffalo Law Review, Vol. 50, p. 703, 2002

Keywords: colloquium, privacy, security, e-tags, cookies, digital summit, technology, consumer