Contracts 202F

Meeting Location & Time:
MTuTh 3:35 – 5:00 PM, Room 110
Robert P. Merges
438 Boalt Hall (North Addition)

Syllabus: Revision 1.0 PDF

[Case names refer to cases in Farnsworth, Young, Sanger, Cohen & Brooks casebook, 7th ed., 2008. Case assignments include all Notes  following cases. UCC sections and Restatement sections are found in  the Uniform Commercial Code and Restatement 2nd, Contracts, both  available either in various softbound books or online at Westlaw and  LEXIS. Supplemental cases, denoted by “Supp.” in this syllabus, are  available below.]




M 1/10
Intro. to Enforcement Intro, Hawkins, Bayliner Marine, Problem, 1-8
Tu 1/11
Enforcement II Intro. And  U.S. Naval Institute, Note on Purpose of Remedies; Sullivan v. O’Connor; Economics of Remedies, 8-23
Th 1/13
Intro. to Consideration Intro. Material; Hamer v. Sidway; Note on Gratuitous Promises; Fiege
M 1/17 No Class - MLK Day  
Tu 1/18
Past Consideration Feinberg v. Pfeiffer Co., 46; Mills v. Wyman, 50; Webb v. McGowin, 52-56.
Th 1/20
Bargain Requirement Kirksey v. Kirksey, 56; Lake Land Employment Group, 58; Notes on Employee Handbooks and Rewards, 64-67.
M 1/24
Bargain II Promises as Consideration, 67; Intro and Strong v. Sheffield, 69; Intro and Mattei v. Hopper, 72.
Tu 1/25
Requirements Contracts Intro and Eastern Air Lines, 76; Wood v. Lucy, 83, Note on Substitutes, 86.
Th 1/27
Reliance as a Basis of Enforcement Intro and Ricketts v. Scothorn, 89; Note on Promissory Estoppel, 91; Feinberg v. Pfeiffer, 94; Restatement 2nd § 90; Cohen v. Cowles Media, 95-100; D&G Stout v. Bacardi Imports, Inc., 100.
M 1/31
Restitution Intro. and Cotnam v. Wisdom, 105; Callano v. Oakwood Park Homes Corp., 110; Pyeatte v. Pyeatte, 113
Tu 2/1 No Class  
Th 2/3
Assent Intro. (116) and Lucy v. Zehmer, 117; Notes, 122-126.
M 2/7
The Offer Intro. and Owen v. Tunison, 126; Harvey v. Facey, 129; Fairmount Glass, 130; Note on Ads as Offers, 133; Lefkowitz v. Great Minneapolis Surplus Store, 134.
Tu 2/8
Mistakes; Acceptance Notes on Construction Contracts and Mistaken Bids, 137; Elsinore Union, 139; Intro. and International Filter Co., 147.
Th 2/10
Acceptance (Cont'd) White v. Corlies and Tift, 152; Ever-Tite Roofing, 154; Note on Notice in Unilateral Contracts, 156; Intro. and Allied Steel, 158.
M 2/14
Acceptance II Note on Shipment of Goods, 161; Corinthian Pharma. Systems, 161; Note on Silence, 166; Intro. to Termination, 167; Note on Lapse, 168; Notes on Revocation and Option Contracts, 170; Dickinson v. Dodds, 171; Problem, p. 175.
Tu 2/15
Firm Offers Firm Offers and Ragosta v. Wilder, 176; Notes on Death of Offeror, Rejection of Mirror Image Rule, Rejection of Irrevocable Offer, Battle of the Forms, and Mailbox Rule, Problem, 180-188.
Th 2/17
Battle of the Forms and UCC § 2-207 Notes on Acceptance Varying Offer, Problem, Standard Forms and “Battle of the Forms,” Transcending Mirror Image Rule, 188; Dorton v. Collins and Aikman, 193; Note on Materiality, 198; C. Itoh and  Note on Different or Additional Terms, 199-202; Northrop, 202, Problem, 205.
M 2/21 No Class -  President's Day
Tu 2/22
Shrinkwrap and Clickwrap Contracting Note on Contract First, Terms Later, 205;  (216) and ProCD v. Zeidenberg, 211; Hill v. Gateway, 215; Note on Revising Article Two, 219; Materials on ALI Principles of Electronic Contracts (2010), to be distributed.
Th 2/24
Precontractual Liability Intro. (220) and Note on Revocability, 221; Drennan, 222; Note on Liability When Negotiations Fail, 228.
M 2/28
Precontractual Liability II Cyberchron Corp., 234; Note on Preliminary Binding Agreement and Channel Home Centers, 239; Intro and Problem, 246-249; Toys, Inc. v. Burlington Co., 249; Note on Flexible Pricing, 251.
Tu 3/1
Statute of Frauds Intro. and Notes on Contemporary Statutes, 257-270; C.R. Klewin, 270; Notes on Informal Extensions of Employment, Lifetime Agreements, Interests in Real Property, 277-280; Suretyship Clause and Power Entertainment, 268; Note on the One-Year Clause and Problems, 274; Note on Employment Agreements, 276.
Thu 3/3
S o F II Richard v. Richard, 280; Note on Sales of Goods and St. Ansgar, 285-295; Notes on 2-201(3) and Estoppel, 294;  Intro and Monarco, 305.
M 3/7
Capacity to Contract Intro. to Policing, 310; Intro and Kiefer, 312; Ortolere, 316; Cundick, 319.
Tu 3/8
Modification and Coercion Intro. (322) and Notes on Pressure and the Pre-Existing Duty Rule, 322-325; Alaska Packers, 325; Note on Rescission, 329; Watkins & Son v. Carrig, 331; Notes on Yielding to Threat, Avoiding Pre-existing Duty Rule, and Partial Payment, 334-338.
Thu 3/10
Duress and Misrepresentation Intro. and Austin Instrument, Inc., 340; Intro. and Odorizzi v. Bloomfield School Dist., 345; Intro. (352) and Swinton, 353; Kannavos, 356; Note on Misrepresentation, 360; Vokes, 362.
M 3/14
Parol Evidence Intro. (365) and Gianni v. R. Russell & Co., 368; Masterson v. Sine, 371; Bollinger v. Central Penn. Quarry, 377; Note on Parol Evidence and Sale of Goods, 379; Note on NOM Clauses, 380.
Tu 3/15
K Interpretation Intro, 381-382; Greenfield, 386; WWW Associates, 390; Intro and Trident Center, 391.
Th 3/17
Interpretation Notes, 395-400; Frigaliment Importing Co., 401; Hurst, 407; Intro and Nanakuli Paving, 410; Colfax Envelope, 426
M-F 3/21-3/25 No Class - Spring Break
M 3/28
Gap Fillers Intro and Notes on Gap Filling and Koken, 430-437; Intro and Lewis, 437; Intro and South Carolina Electric & Gas, 441; Note on Express Warranties, 450.
Tu 3/29
Equity Intro. (453) and McKinnon, 455 ; Tuckwiller, 458; Black Industries, 460.
Th 3/31
Standard Form and Adhesions Ks Intro (465) and O’Callaghan, 467; Note on Agreeing to Boilerplate, 473; Note on the Duty to Read, 477; Intro and  Carnival Cruise Lines, 479; Intro (494) and Williams v. Walker Thomas Furniture, 497.
M 4/4
Intro to Remedies: Specific Performance Intro. (583) and Klein, 588; Walgreen Co., 602; Note on Specific Performance, Efficiency and the Coase Theorem, 604.
Tu 4/5
Expectation Damages Intro. (606) and Vitex Mfg. Corp., 609; Laredo Hides Co., 613; R.E. Davis Chem. Co. v. Diasonics, Inc., 619; Note on Losing Contracts, 625.
Thu 4/7
Avoidability Intro. (629) and Rockingham County, 630; Note on Avoidability Under Contracts for Sale of Goods and Problems, 632; Intro. (637) and Parker v. 20th Century Fox, 638; Jacob & Youngs v. Kent, 645.
M 4/11
Foreseeability Groves v. John Wunder Co., 648; Peevyhouse, 653; Hadley v. Baxendale, 657; Delchi Carrier v. Rotorex, 661; Kenford Co. v. County of Erie, 664.
Tu 4/12
Certainty; Liquidated Damages Intro (672) and Fera v. Village Plaza, 674; Intro. (679) and Wasserman’s, Inc., 680; Dave Gustafson & Co. v. State, 688.

Thu 4/14 

Conditions Intro. to Chapter and Intro (691) and Luttinger v. Rosen, 692; Intro. and Internatio-Rotterdam, Inc., 695; Notes on Separate Contracts (699) and Condition, Duty or Both, 700; Problem, 701; Peacock Construction Co., 701; Intro (708) and Notes on Prevention and Waiver, 709.
M 4/18
Constructive Conditions Intro (716) and Kingston v. Preston, 717; Note on Time for Performance, 718; Stewart v. Newbury, 719; Note on Concurrent Conditions, 721; Intro, 723 and Jacob and Youngs (reprise), 724; Note on the Perfect Tender Rule, 731; Intro, 735; Kirkland, 742; Note on Suspending Performance and Terminating the Contract, 745.
Tu 4/19
Anticipatory Repudiation Intro. (765) and Hochster v. De La Tour, 766; Kanavos, 771; McCloskey, 776; Cosden Oil, 783; Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co., 795.
Th 4/21
Mistake and Impracticability Intro to Chapter 9, 807; Intro and Stees, 808; Note on Sale of Goods: Two Famous Cases, 815; Intro, 821; Taylor v. Caldwell, 825; Note on Impossibility and Impracticability under Article 2, 829; Note on Force Majeure Clauses, 842
M 4/25
Frustration of Purpose Eastern Air Lines, Inc. v. Gulf Oil Corp., 848; Krell v. Henry, 854; Problems, 833; Swift Canadian Co., 834.
Tu 4/26 3rd Party Interests Intro and Notes, 880-883; Lawrence v. Fox, 883; Note on Distribution Networks, 893.